“They say an elephant never forgets. What they don’t tell you is you never forget an elephant.”
—Bill Murray🐘💕

This Valentine’s Day The Elephant Ladder is raising money to donate to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee by adopting one of their elephants!🐘 • •
So we’re asking for YOUR help! Help us reach the goal of $50 by donating to our ko-fi account (http://ko-fi.com/theelephantladder.com) 100% of ko-fi donations will go straight towards our ‘adopt an elephant’ goal•

If we reach our goal & are able to help support the sanctuary by adopting an elephant we’ll get a photo and bio about our adopted elephant that we’ll be able to share with you all in our Spring Issue!🌷 •

Once we’ve welcomed our adopted elephant into The Elephant Ladder family we will create a page on our website dedicated to them & anyone who donates to this fundraiser will be listed on the page as one of the elephant’s ‘aunts’ or ‘uncles’💞 •

If you donate you will ALSO receive a handwritten thank-you note via snail mail from all of us here at The Elephant Ladder AS WELL AS a thank you in our Spring Issue!💌🎉 •

So please consider helping us in raising donation money to help support the magical creatures that are our namesake!💘

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