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Michelle Doering (she/her)

One of the original contributors to The Elephant Ladder, Michelle Doering (AKA Michelle D. Ring) is a freelance copy editor and creative content writer of 8+ years. Throughout her extensive career, she has written in just about every genre known to man, but considers horror, romance, science fiction, and action-adventure among her favorites. She is extremely passionate about helping marginalized voices be heard and ensuring that each story in her care reaches its full potential. As such, prospective Elephant Ladder contributors who may be inexperienced or doubtful can rest assured that their work is in capable hands.

When not writing her own stories or helping struggling authors develop their own, Michelle can often be found watching hockey, making cold process soap, admiring pretty girls, and haunting her local library. She is also the proud owner of two Youtube channels, Iamnotaworm and KPOP MD. They are about books and K-pop respectively, and she doesn’t upload consistently on either of them. She has also been known to dabble in music and graphic design.

To learn more about Michelle’s writing or commission a piece from her, visit 

To follow her everyday life and stay up to date on her various non-writing projects, visit @Mdeezy15 on instagram.

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