Graphic Artist

Sirenia Maciel (she/her)

Sirenia has been fond of both art and storytelling for as long as she can remember. In elementary school, she would often spend class time reading books under her desk, much to the dismay of her teachers.

Nowadays, she can be found creating bug funerals in her garden, teaching herself to appreciate the taste of coffee despite not liking it, and taking pictures of city plants, animals, and inanimate objects.

Currently, she is working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainability at Arizona State University. She hopes that her passion for visual arts will complement her education and help her find ways to connect the communities of Arizona with the many stories of their state, its climate, and its melting pot of cultures – and help them develop a sense of pride so that they may feel motivated to work together to foster its resilience for generations to come.

Sirenia’s artwork appeared in the 6th issue of The Elephant Ladder before being brought on as a part of The Elephant Ladder team. She is thankful to Molly for giving her the opportunity to learn to work as part of The Elephant Ladder team.

Follow her on Instagram @sonoranseacow

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