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Molly Likovich (she/her)

Molly Likovich is a proud, bisexual poet, writer, educational documentarian, BookTuber, and TikToker.

She founded The Elephant Ladder in Fall 2018, originally as a short story collection among friends, posted on her old blog. After readers and writers alike expressed their interest in the project, Molly decided to create The Elephant Ladder.

Molly won honorable mention in the 2017 AWP Intro Poetry Journal Award Contest, the 2017 Glimmer Train Short Story Contest for New Writers, and the 2020 L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest.

Her work has appeared in The Automate Review, The New Mexico Review, Not One of Us, Shore Poetry, Fearlessly Magazine, Tattoo Highway, Dreams & Nightmares Magazine, Boomer Lit, Seven Circle Press, The Columbia College Literary Review, Rust + Moth, Jenny Magazine, Bluestem, Germ Magazine, and The Scarab

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Creative Writing from Salisbury University, and as a post-grad was invited back as a guest-teacher for two separate poetry classes.

She is the Producer & Writer of both the web series, HERstory, and the docu-series Hidden History, which airs both online and on PAC14. She is an avid member of the BookTube community where she has had the chance to work with both publishers, and best-selling authors. She also makes literary discussion videos on TikTok to an audience of over 40 thousand viewers.

Molly currently lives in her hometown of Salisbury Maryland, with her two dogs. You can usually find her in the nearest graveyard writing macabre poems.

To learn more about Molly and her upcoming projects, check out her personal blog: https://themagicalmolly.wordpress.com/

Follow Molly on Twitter & Instagram & TikTok @magicalmolly

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