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Susan Doyle (she/her)

Susan Doyle is a photographer, writer, educator, and environmental and climate activist.

Susan Doyle has been a generous patron to The Elephant Ladder since the very beginning. Susan has expressed many times that she believes it is unjust for publications not to pay their artists. Thanks to her patronage everyone involved in The Elephant Ladder is able to receive payment for their work.

Her fiction & poetry appeared in early issues of The Elephant Ladder but her work has also appeared in The Daily Times, Chesapeake Life, Blue Ridge Country, Arnold and Friends, Geoparent, Irish American Post, Fitness Management, Nanticoke Watershed Alliance, Write Away: The Newsletter for the Rockford Writers’ Guide, Family Times, Dapher Newsletter, and Community Connections.

During Susan’s years working in education, she taught in several schools, across several states. She taught a myriad of subjects, including: English Language Arts, Religion, Earth Science, Family & Consumer Science, Physical Education, and Intro to Computers. She spent several years working in public school administration as a Dean of Students and later as a Vice Principal. During her long teaching career she also helped with numerous extra-curricular activities such as, coding clubs, school newspapers & literary journals. She also spent several years working as a field hockey coach as well as a swim coach. Susan also home-schooled all three of her children for kindergarten and elementary school, where she helped run the local homeschool group; overseeing extra-curricular activities for homeschooled students such as newsletters, and drama clubs.

After forty-two years of being a passionate and dedicated educator, Susan is now retired and has dedicated her time to her family, her dogs, climate & environmental activism, and re-watching every episode of Sense8.

Follow Susan on Twitter @suzanroze and on Instagram @susanlacocoa

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