Book Club Pick: Magdalene by Marie Howe Review

Review written by staff member Lauren Wilson

This month our pick was Magdalene by Marie Howe. I have to say I was very excited to read this collection, and immediately started doing so when it arrived in the mail. 
I wish I could say that it lived up to my expectations. But sadly it fell short. The poetry wasn’t really that stunning, it was trying to follow a theme that wasn’t well explained, it was poorly formatted (double spaced poems throughout the ENTIRE book, what?), and it was just overall lackluster. 

I really wanted this collection to be good, it showed such promise and had high reviews. Someone like Mary Magdalene has been done in poetry thousands of times, and Howe’s collection just didn’t really stand out. 
In April we’ll be reading Brute by Emily Skaja, you can find it here:;jsessionid=D5DB3DF511BF140DA90D33FAFA4E8442.prodny_store02-atgap01?ean=9781555978358&st=AFF&2sid=Graywolf%20Press_8851745_NA&sourceId=AFFGraywolf%20Press

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The Elephant Ladder Has a Book Club!!!

The Elephant Ladder has launched a book club! Every month we will be reading a different poetry book! If you read along with us and want to share your thoughts on the book, you can submit a review for our Spring Issue by going to the submissions page and following the guidelines!!!

March’s book is ‘Magdalene’ by Marie Howe

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Featured Poet Competition

Hi there elephants! As winter comes to a close the publication of our Spring Issue is fast approaching. General submissions open on March 1st BUT so do submissions for our Featured Artist Competition!

This year we want to honor with each issue a special, stand-out artist for their work! Since our Spring Issue releases in April, which is National Poetry Month, we’re looking to feature a talented poet!

What does being the featured poet entail? Well if you are the lucky poet selected you will have a full profile spread about you in our Spring Issue with a bio, photo, several pieces of your work, as well as any social media links you’d like promoted. But you will ALSO be listed on our Featured Artists Page which will be coming soon and be able to be found under the ‘About’ tab. And of course, same as we pay our contributors the featured artist will be paid $15.

To submit to the April 2020 Featured Poet Competition please send an email to and include the following as attachments:

  • A cover letter explaining who you are, a little bit about your writing history, and why you think YOU should be our featured poet.
  • A packet of 3-5 poems, single spaced, 12pt. font, Times New Roman, no more than 10 pages in total length.

*NOTE* Your poetry packet does not have to match the theme of the Spring Issue (Gods & Goddesses). The theme only applies to general submissions.

You can submit to both general submissions AND the Featured Poet Contest. However if you are chosen as the Featured Poet your general submission will no longer be eligible for publication.

Submissions for the April 2020 Featured Poet Contest open on March 1st and close on April 1st!

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The votes are in for the Spring Issue!!!

You guys voted via our twitter (@LadderElephant) to choose the theme of our 7th issue!!! The theme will be Gods & Goddesses!!!

So send us your poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography, artwork, creative video, or book reviews that utilizes the theme of Gods & Goddesses!!!

Submissions open March 1st!

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